Common adjustment method of wheel alignment
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Methods commonly used for the adjustment of upper control arm:

adjustment shims caster angle and camber for Buick, Toyota and Mazda models.

Move the control arm to adjust camber and caster for Chrysler and other models.

Rotate the cam to adjust camber and caster for Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet and Ford models.

Rotate the control arm two eccentric cam to adjust the caster and camber for Toyota Crown, Ford and other models.

were rotating two eccentric bolts to adjust camber and caster angle, suitable for Honda, Toyota and other models.


(2) From the lower control arm to adjust the commonly used methods:

rotating eccentric cam, adjustable camber for Lexus, Lincoln and Mazda models.

Adjust caster angle, loosen the ring pin and rotate to adjust camber, rotate the eccentric bolts for Mercedes-Benz models.

Loosen the control arm mounting bolts, rotate the eccentric cam adjustable camber for Toyota Crown, Ford and other models.

Loosen the front lower control arm ball joint mounting bolts, ball head can be pulled forward or to adjust the camber for Audi, Volkswagen series models.


(3) From the top of the damper adjustment commonly used methods:

Loosen the front shock absorber bolts on top of a few, you can move left and right along the front damper hole cards to adjust camber for Audi models.

Loosen the bolts on top of front shock absorber, front shock absorber push down and rotate 180 °, clockwise conversed large camber, counter-clockwise decreases the camber for Ford, Mazda and other models.


2. No parts of the vehicle wheel alignment adjustment positioning angle adjustment

① Positioning from other parts of the adjustment: adjust long or short tone thrust rod on the front wheel, adjustable front caster angle.

rear lower control arm at one end with an eccentric cam, loosen the bolts, rotate the cam can be adjusted Rear Toe.

upper eccentric cam to adjust the camber or toe. On the lower suspension rod used to adjust the camber.

(2) On top of the front shock absorber for technical improvements, expansion bolt holes can be positioned for the long whole, move around adjustable camber.

(3) On the shock absorber bracket for technical improvements. If camber misalignment, damper can be first removed from the steering knuckle, the shock absorber bracket bottom hole filing holes grow, and then replace shock absorbers, you can adjust the camber.


Acceptance test

Wheel alignment completion and acceptance test and diagnose faults before the test, in the ways and methods are basically the same, but the two are not the same purpose. Fault diagnosis of test, in order to find the root causes of failure. The completion of the acceptance test is to confirm whether the fault has been eliminated. Acceptance process, through the vehicle to check the vehicle braking systems, steering systems, and with the degree of recovery systems and to listen to the sound through the investigation and other means to determine the repair or replacement of parts of the work, timely elimination of defects found. Road test after test car is actually a comprehensive and detailed examination of the relevant inspection requirements to re-check and adjust, also check the connection between the assembly loose, deformed, or if there is high temperature and other parts phenomenon, and I eliminated.


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