Serious tire wear, the owner should pay attention to wheel alignment
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    Wheel alignment is based on four parameters of the vehicle, through adjusting, ensure good performance and reliability. Just change tires, or the tires every use of a period of time, to the car for a four-wheel positioning is necessary. According to effective, owner for wheel alignment did not give enough attention.

    Owners complained, less than half a month, smooth two new tires. A Miss Liu spent 1000 multivariate, to her own cars, in the two new tires. This car, Miss Liu opened nearly 40000 kilometers. Originally, the two tires are due to normal replacement. Can be two days before, Miss Liu to car wash, wash Turner's words let her collapse. "They said, your front tire tread pattern is almost smooth. God, I just put on, is two front tires!"

    The problem lies in the wheel alignment. Arguably, Miss Liu replacement after the two front wheels should do a wheel alignment, ensure vehicles moving. It happened in the shops of the tire; only sell tires, no dedicated wheel alignment equipment. At that time, tire shopkeeper warned Miss Liu, remember to do a wheel alignment. Miss Liu is lazy, languished for two weeks. Who knows this more than ten days, two new tires are worn away to look like, have to change again. Miss Liu before buy tires 1000 multivariate money also is gone.

    According to understand, timely four-wheel positioning of the owner, less than 40%

Vehicles in the process of constantly moving, four-wheel data will gradually produce deviation. Time grows, can appear abnormal tire wear. In general, the car just in tire, you should make a four-wheel positioning. But at present, most of the owners didn't this aspect of consciousness.

    Here, the wheel alignment point’s three steps. As a first step, to rise, the car mechanic in each tire profile, the installation of a sensor. The role of the sensor, is to the car four-wheel location data, timely exchange with the host; the second step, the data acquisition is completed, the wheel aligner computer, select the corresponding brand and models. Different models, wheel alignment data are not the same. If inaccurate, wheel alignment not only did not, it actually would have hurt the tire; the third step, by a technician located in the vicinity of the vehicle suspension adjustment screw until the wheel alignment data reaches the standard value.

    For private cars, in addition to four-wheel positioning in a timely manner, in the usual tire maintenance, also have a few tricks. Before each of four-wheel positioning, for example, can be car tires to carry on the exchange. Depending on the tires, adopts the diagonal exchange, Or ipsilateral way on the exchange. If the vehicle is equipped with a standard oh spare tire, spare tire also can participate in the rotation, so that we can effectively prolong the service life of tires. Suggestion: the owner should always observe the tire wear. If you find a tire wear is not even, should immediately make a four-wheel positioning.


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