The basic essentials of wheel alignment
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(1)    In doing wheel alignment detection novice will find: test data and standard data falls far short of a variety of vehicles, often do not know where to start debugging. Here in particular: the standard is designed for new cars, used cars for standard just for reference data. Such as adjusting the toe of the front-wheel independent suspension is old, the front-wheel drive vehicles can only adjust toe-value smaller than the standard, rear-wheel drive vehicles can only adjust the toe value larger than the standard. As the rear wheel debugging generally do not, so when debugging rear toe flexibility to take into account the impact.


(2)    Most front-wheel drive car with a front wheel slightly negative toe, because the driving force to the front wheels have a tendency to positive toe, the general body of the heavier or larger the engine power, the smaller front wheel toe-in value. Most of the front wheel drive car with a slightly positive before the beam, because the driving force to the front wheels have a tendency to negative before the beam.


(3)    The left front wheel camber being can be adjusted slightly larger than the right wheel camber; right turn tends to compensate for the arch caused by road. Many front-wheel drive vehicles have a smaller negative rear camber to improve the steering stability.


(4)    In front wheel drive vehicle, the driving force of the rear wheel spindle by the rearward force. Therefore, these rear wheel toe design to zero or very small depending on the circumstances of the beam before the vehicle itself. Right rear wheel toe-in setting normal life protection is important.


(5)    Do toe-in value when positioning reference immutable actual camber Angle value adjustment, beam before large camber Angle numerical value is big also, beam camber Angle numerical hour ago value is small. Former bunch of value and camber Angle numerical variables than about 1:6; Numerical more than plus or minus 1.5 ° camber Angle must be considered when there is a problem; The front wheel toe-in is in adjustment when a vehicle is stationary, so that the front wheel when the vehicle is in the front.


(6)    Steering axis inclination inside is not adjustable. If the steering axis inclination is not within the specified value, the abutment may be misplaced strut, under the arm may bend, stand in front of the engine may also be misplaced. Front-wheel drive vehicles, the inclination is set to be bigger, about 14 ~ 18 °. Front-wheel drive vehicles set small positive caster angle; wheel drive set to be smaller angle of the vehicle, about 6 ~ 8 °.


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