What is wheel alignment? The daily maintenance of 3D wheel aligner.
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What is wheel alignment?

    The car's steering stability refers to the drivers do not feel tension, fatigue, vehicle to follow the driver through the steering wheel to the specified direction, and when confronted with interference, vehicle's ability to resist interference and stable running. Vehicle handling stability not only affects the degree of manipulation convenient vehicle driving, but also decides the high-speed vehicle safety when driving a major factor. In order to make the vehicle to achieve good control stability, the rational design of suspension, chassis and steering system and the related data set has become the important conditions. Can affect the suspension and steering system of the main data including wheel kingpin inclination Angle, kingpin caster Angle, front wheel hub and the front wheel camber and rear wheel camber and rear wheel toe-in value. Once the data changes, reflected in the motion of the vehicle state, jitter, the wheel will appear to increase strength, the steering wheel position is not straight, the vehicle driving wandering, tire eccentric wear, and so on and so forth. Against such a situation, you need to make necessary adjustment data, the rectification of the vehicle steering stability. Such operations with professional jargon wheel alignment, including two parts of the orientation of front and rear wheels.


The daily maintenance of 3D wheel aligner

1, should avoid to use in direct sunlight, to ensure that the equipment using the environment temperature (10-35 degrees Celsius).

2, should choose to cry circulation the location of the equipment installation, equipment of the back cover should be off the ground at least 10 cm above.

3, the system work, avoid mobile chassis, lest cause damage to the computer.

4, in the circumstance that does not have to cut off the power system, please do not plug any part of the system.

5, please don't quickly switch the power switch the nose, otherwise easy to damage to internal components.

6, should avoid to computer virus on the computer.

7, after the system is powered on, the nose seat has two charging electrodes, electrode charged remember to make the two electrode short circuit at this time.

8, this system for precision electronic products from the conductive liquid such as water oil, if the liquid into the system, it is strictly prohibited to open system, it should be after liquid blot, again.

9, do not store or use in chemical, dust concentration of workplace equipment.

10, in order to accurately measure, please make sure that the corner plate, side board of health.

11, poor sanitation, health cleaning facility maintenance on a regular basis, please.

12, to ensure that each receiving Windows clean, in order to avoid blocking the light, affect the reception.


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