Pay attention to the wheel alignment at the same time ,we should also pay attention to the maintenance of the car
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The same is the car run tens of thousands of milessome never appear too big problem, what is this mystery is it? Of course, the car itself has a good or bad quality, but adequate maintenance, can really make your car to drive longer life.

1. Regular oil changes
Often lubricating the engine, longer service life. Over time, the oil stain, this reduces the loss of oil or lubricating effect to accelerate engine wear. While synthetic oil lasts longer, but it will also decrease the quality or contaminated. If you change the oil regularly and use the appropriate level of the oil, then make clean and lubricate your car is fully inside the engine.
When driving, the engine will consume oil, low amount of oil will increase engine wear. Therefore, please check the engine oil level regularly replenishes oil.

2. Various types of lubricants required to ensure adequate clean car
Depends on the transmission case of the automatic transmission fluid usage. For braking systems, steering systems, engine cooling system differences, gearbox and front and rear as well. Car required for various types of lubricants your car is essential. They will evaporate over time, leaks or deterioration, so please do not hesitate to replace and supplement the amount of time in the lower lubricating oil.

3. Understand own car
Your can learn most of your car's information in the user manual, please put it in the glove compartment, and have time to read from time to time.
In addition, the user manual has a diagram of the engine compartment; you will be able to know how to check the coolant, engine oil and transmission fluid. You can also learn how to replace car headlight or taillight bulbs, how to start the car in case of a dead battery and so on. If you want to know how the car's four-wheel-drive system is working, you can also find relevant information in the user manual. Even if you already know enough about the car, I believe you can still learn new user manual useful information.

4. Early identification of problems
Any of small problem, if detected early, can take preventive measures, and can save you a lot of maintenance fees. Pay attention to the car's performance and sound is not normal. Warning lights lit, the engine temperature is higher than the normal level, the next car oil spills, bumps or abnormal noise when braking, smell, feel different when driving, poor acceleration, wheel splash lubricating oil, brake pedal feel weird, these clues are like small signs shall promptly checked.

5. Note conservation body
If you live in damp places, metal rust, please supply of the car's brakes and chassis parts rust and other maintenance.
Regular cleaning vehicles, preventing the unclean area corrosion.
At least two years to replace a wiper, which does not spend much money.
Often for the car waxing helps protect the paint and make the car very shiny. Make timely scratches on car paint polish, to avoid corrosion of the body. Once car internal metal exposed, it is rust, it was smaller than repair trauma points need a wider range of repair.

6. Keep the car clean and dry
Because the car's dashboard, there are a lot of electronic equipment and wiring under the center console and carpet, and therefore need to keep the car clean and dry. Generally speaking, electronic equipment across the water will turn into a disaster.
When the car cleans, the car will smell fresh. Once inside wet garbage is not cleared up, the car smelled it inevitable. Typically, a new car and some are equipped with cabin air filters from 10,000 to 20,000 miles, they need to be replaced. Not timely replacement of the cabin air filter can also cause car smell. Lot about the car clean information. If you do not have to use some functions, please turn off, to avoid increasing the burden on the car.

7. Conservation tires in time
Regular inspection car tires inflated condition. Because the tires underinflated tire will accelerate losses and increase fuel consumption. Improper tire pressure will accelerate the wear of automobile wheel drive system. Excessive tire inflation will accelerate the loss of suspension systems and control components. Winter is over; please change back to General Tire, tire replacement, wheel alignment needs to be done once. Regularly rotate the tires. Some tire rotation if occasional use, it will sag or noise occurs. If you feel the effect of deteriorated automobile tire grip, please do once wheel alignment every 1-2 years . Improper tire alignment parameters will lead to loss of control of the suspension system consumption and poor performance.

8. Smooth driving
Smooth driving. Full throttle acceleration will lead to rapid loss and damage to many parts of the car. Acceleration time from 0 added 60 months than smooth driving consumption caused bigger.

9. Please find formal repair shop maintenance vehicles

Find a trustworthy and experienced mechanic or a reputable repair shop for regular maintenance and conservation of your car. You can find your friend. Repairman on a regular basis to serve you better know your car needs. He would do better to let you be more satisfied.



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