The angle introduction of wheel alignment
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    The vehicle steering wheel and the steering axle mounted between the three sections having a relative position, called the front wheel alignment. Front wheel alignment including caster angle, S.A.I, camber and front toe, which is the purpose of the two steering front wheels.


    For two rear wheels, and rear axle also exists between the installations of the relative position, according to the rear wheel positioning. Rear wheel positioning includes rear wheel camber and rear wheel toe. This wheel alignment and the rear wheel positioning are called wheel alignment.


    The role of wheel alignment is to make the car stable straight and turns to light, and to reduce cars on the road and steering parts of wear. Due to various car manufacturers to the different Angle of four-wheel alignment design, manufacture, Make all kinds of Angle and the toe-in value for each wheel is differ, and there are adjustable and an adjustable part.


    DO wheel alignment is by wheel alignerdetect the tested vehicle's wheel camber Angle and toe-in value is in line with the original factory standards, such as can be done is not in conformity with the positioning adjustment. in other words, when the driver felt direction steering heavy, shivering, wandering, not straight, not automatic reset or see that tire uneven wear and wear, such as block wear abnormal wear and floating, quiver when driving car, swing, such as abnormal driving feeling, driving direction running deviation phenomenon appeared, such as do the four-wheel positioning should be considered. Wheel alignment on the definition and function of the Angle, is relatively easy to understand, but when used in four-wheel location, chassis maintenance often cannot be encountered situation went up from single theory to solve the problem, the reason for this is that vehicle chassis structure is complex, all wheel alignment Angle associated with each other, influence each other.


    Change the camber Angle can change within the Angle at the same time, can also cause a change in Angle camber Angle changes. Different suspension structure has different camber Angle adjustment method. If to move around in the support points or mobile scaffold, camber Angle changes, not only will follow its Angle change. So even if the camber Angle modulated standard, but due to the Angle change, also the car.


    Rear wheel toe Angle change will affect the front wheel single wheel toe Angle: the rear toe Angle will decide the rear line Angle. Modern four-wheel positioning is the forward line positioning method to determine the front wheel toe-in. Therefore the rear toe Angle changes in advance line, due to the next round toe line (promote) change, so the front wheel unilateral toe will also follow changes, both at the same time to a point of view, but I can't change front wheel toe-in and always.


    So to comprehensive system positioning related knowledge. Although only four wheels, but the four wheels are on the same car, have the overall idea, can't attend.


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