The installation parameters of R800 Mini 3D wheel alignment
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Guangzhou Road Buck mechanical and electrical equipment co., LTD., through constant development and innovation, design and produce the R800 Mini 3D wheel alignment. R800 Mini, maximum limit save the user the operating space, the camera and target distance is shorter, operation more convenient, more accurate positioning parameters. The installation parameters introduction of R800 Mini:

Iron plate assembly:

A: measure the position of the N: From the center of turntable backwards 1400mm, And from under on the car surface of lifting machine, down measuring 90mm. Measure the position of the N, According to the position of N, contrast the fixed plate, draw the holes of M and T. Use 7.5 drilling bit for drilling, Mounting screw size is the diameter of 8mm. At the other side of the lifting machine, the same position drilling, and assembly screws.

B: After the fixing plate is assembled, in the rear side or front side of the fixed plate, drilling diameter of 16mm, for traces.

C: When wiring the power cord and camera, being together and tubing, portion of ground contact, need to use the trunking to protection.



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