2013, ROAD BUCK 3D wheel alignment grateful for your companions
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Abstract:Thanks ROAD BUCK, middle managers, you are the company's right-hand man, have you the courage to bear, and are the development of a company is more stable.

The sound of firecrackers old year, 2013 wheels filled with ROAD BUCK each family's Endeavour slowly past, back in 2013 is a year of growth, and is also a harvest year. A road hog, thank everyone, in the heart is always with a sense of mission and the development of the enterprise.

In 2013, the manufacturer of domestic 3 d four-wheel constantly poured out of, equipment quality levels not neat, has nearly 10 years experience in research and development of ROAD BUCK people in line with "think what users think, do you want to do" the concept of service users, to meet surging ahead of the competition. When people enter the dreamland, ROAD BUCK, R&D department staff also guard in testing, research and development of high-end equipment. Again and again to test, step and step, finally the MINI version without pillar and beam of higher-end 3D wheel alignment successfully launched, in 2013 the successful launch in Frankfurt exhibition, attracted the attention of domestic and international high-end users.

At this times to thank the main force of enterprise: sales team. Is the ROAD BUCK of your products to every corner of the country, and even abroad, you is a bridge for enterprises and users. No matter how glorious your grades, no matter how hard, and you pay 2013 harvest how lost, it doesn't matter! Summarizes the growth, 2014 is a new beginning.

Thanks to the 3D test group family, are you in the device to the quality of our factory held that ROAD BUCK of high quality equipment installation to the user's field; Thanks to the packaging group family, you’re careful, the sense of responsibility out the installation personnel trivial, you is the backing of an enterprise.

When hot outside the sun shine on the earth, our after-sales service and technical personnel is sweaty maintenance equipment for users: wipe the device, an overall inspection, upgrade the data, serious and responsible service for the user. Road Buck of after-sales service, your boss sees in the eye, it is not easy to your boss in the mind is to know, in here say: "after brother, you hard." You are the window of the enterprise.

Thanks ROAD BUCK, middle managers, you are the company's right-hand man, have you the courage to bear, and are the development of a company is more stable.

More thanks to road hog user, you are the cornerstone of enterprise development, is you set up the road hog grams of word of mouth. General Manager in the church often told employees of the company is: "word of mouth from the user's mouth. The user's problem is our problem, regardless of the user's problem can be solve in the first time, be sure to reply to the user, the first time to give the user a replacement. "

Now we have stepped into in 2014, in the New Year, each of us ROAD BUCK of the heart the same direction, a person to play a road hog the instinctive quality of bear’s hardships and stand hard work, individual, display their energy.


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