Road Buck 2016 Beijing AMR
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Road Buck 2016 Beijing AMR



3th-6th Mar 2016, Road Buck has been 2016 Beijing AMR exhibition. In this Fair, Road Buck showed two new advanced technology model R800 and 3 cameras model:


1.R800 with Road Buck the most advanced tech, and separate from traditional 3D machine without Beam and Pillar:

It’s using 5 cameras, targets, and with Wifi communication. Four same size & specification target to keep it for more convenient.


2. Three cameras model:

This model is the newest model of Road Buck. It is more flexible for car repair shop.It’s specially designed for those situation that who will met different width car.

In this season fair, Road Buck’s new product wins a lot of attention and praise in the spot. In next year, Road Buck will continue to force on new technology and release more good performance machine.


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